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Hey Joyce,

I debuted my happy coat at OOAK today…had many compliments, comments on the colours, the fabric, the cool asymmetrical cut…noticed people looking at me as they walked past and I was all, like, “what are YOU looking at?” And then I’d realize, oh yeah, it’s the coat. :-)

So good job!
Janet Panabaker
Posted By: Janet Panabaker
Hi Joyce, I received the skirt today. I love it! It’s gorgeous! The colour is so lovely. I wore the red one today, and of course, three women at work told me how much they like it. Thanks. xxx Andrea
Posted By: Andrea
Hello Joyce, My fine coat arrived 3 weeks ago today but I waited to wear it in the presence of significant others before I gave you feedback. It’s a great hit. My family loves it, especially the cool green colour of the wool. Sister fashionistas at my bridge club drooled over it, examining the lovely details and expecially admiring the asymmetrical bits. Men are particularly taken by the way it looks on me Wow, that’s a compliment to your skill and my height. One of my quilting buddies went over the embellishing with a fine tooth comb and declared it wonderful. All in all a fine job and I shall wear it with impunity. Purchasing this lovely coat forced me to stop procrastinating and finally sell off my 2 oldest sewing machines. I am delighted with the collar treatment – the fleece is gorgeous. A big thanks to you. Hope to see you again at One of a Kind next year. toodley do, Karen
Posted By: Karen
Dear Joyce Please forgive me for talking so long in writing to you. I want to thank you for the gorgeous coat you made me. It is stunning. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. I have been stopped in the street. I have to admit I don't wear it every day especially if the weather is crappy like it was last week with the heavy wet sloppy snow. I don't want to get it dirty
Posted By: Jocelyn
One of a Kind Show Toronto
Hello Joyce, > Yesterday, I received with delight the beautiful grey top you made for me. > It fits beautifully and is so me. I knew it would be when I saw a > smaller version at your market in T. Bay. Thank you very much for > giving me something I will enjoy wearing on my travels and on special > occasions at home. Thanks again. > Gail
Posted By: Gail
Joyce, within 1 hour this afternoon at a concert downtown St. Paul. I gave out three of your cards. Wearing the green swing coat with all it's beautiful textile art and the piece on the back. Probably could have sold 3. MN has been warm enough for me to wear it all winter ( so far).
Posted By: Carol Kelsey
St Paul Minnesota
Well...as I would have predicted,Carol literally stopped the show when she wore her new leather jacket and skirt !! Ithink she could have easily sold it at least a half dozen times.One Woman walked up to her and said,"That is a Joyce Seppala creation isn`t it" Suffice it is to say the results of your creativity produce something that not only net Carol`s expectations it way exceeded anything she envisioned .MANY THANKS
Posted By: Don Kelsey
loves her new coat
Posted By: Tracy

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